CRC is no more.

In Charlotte Revolutionary Collective’s inaugural post we stated

“When such a time comes that there is no longer use for this multi-tendency organizing collective, CRC will willfully disband or transform to meet the new needs of the revolutionary movement.”

That moment has long arrived. Charlotte Revolutionary Collective is officially disbanded. Precisely due to it’s dogmatic adherence to ‘left unity’ it was ill-equipped to combat opportunists elements within or without. Revolution is not made via appealing to the widest audience with watered down versions of ‘socialism’ but by struggling amongst genuine revolutionaries to arrive at (and have our work be guided by) the most correct political line. Principled ideological unity is necessary for any genuine revolutionary movement to get anywhere and CRC sorely lacked that, as such it was more of a social club than any genuine group working towards revolution. Let other genuine revolutionaries learn from our mistakes and not be tempted by the easy and comfortable liberal flattening of contradictions, but commit themselves further to the class struggle, sharpening contradictions and combating bourgeois interests internally and externally, both in thought and in action.

Economic and environmental collapse are right around the corner. Global superpowers are posturing for yet another inter-imperialist world war. The rate of profit continues to trend towards zero. There is no time for trivialities or frivolous exercises in egoism or petty squabbles. Only the armed masses, guided by a reconstituted Communist Party, can make revolution. Let nothing else distract us.

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